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  • 2020-08-13(Tur)

[member agreement]

(1) Member registration
  1. Member registration of has become possible from reservation form or registration form, and personal information is memorized by the table prepared only in in a database.
(2) Admissions requirements
  1. The individual or group more than a junior high school student.
  2. The gang persons concerned cannot register as a club member.
(3) Private information protection
  1. Please refer to a privacy policy for private information protection.
(4) Advantage of registration
  1. The complement of the input form in the case of repeat use.
  2. In two or more enoughs case, accommodations become effective [ member qualification ] within a group.
(5) Distribution of e-mail
  1. I am allowed to send e-mail by e-mail reception setup.
  2. The mail about reservation does not depend on an e-mail reception setup, but I will send it.
(6) The lapse of member qualification
  1. There is also no connection, a No-show is carried out, and the time is allowed to be invalidated in member qualification.
(7) Withdrawal from the membership
  1. The withdrawal from the membership can go from a support menu after login attestation.
  2. The personal information registered by withdrawal from the membership is deleted.
(8) Agreement change
  1. Member agreement may be changed without a preview.
(9) The person in charge of management of this reservation system
  1. As for this reservation system, development and management are carried out by the MOUNTAIN TRAD Inc. (henceforth, Mountain trad).
(10) The function in which attestation can do a "mutual authentication between accommodations in system functional" (following, mutual authentication) book reservation system using registered information in reservation of the accommodations used as a reservation system of a homepage in this system at past is called mutual authentication function.
  1. The automatic input of an address, a telephone number, a mail address, etc. is attained by mutual authentication at reservation form.
  2. Mutual authentication functions between between [ on which it agrees with mutual authentication ] accommodations and the "Hot springs deep inside Japan" which the Mountain trad manages, and accommodations.
  3. Mutual authentication is a function whose reference is enabled only within the case where it is expected of the user itself, only within the use of attestation only within use within this system, and even if it is use accommodations of this system, don't refer to the member information on other accommodations for it for other uses, such as DM.
(11) Please refer to a privacy policy for private information protection.

    [-- member agreement 2016 September mutual authentication functional 2020 January 15-day setting systems development and operator: -- MOUNTAIN-TRAD-Inc.]